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Regional youth migration and the influence of tertiary institutions

1 Jan 2009

This paper presents findings from a quantitative study, the objective of which was to gain insight and understanding about migration patterns of young adults as they move through tertiary education. The project comprised focus groups and in-depth interviews, and had a particular focus on the outcomes of regional and metropolitan locational choices. Those who chose to study in the country often wanted to maintain proximity to family and friends. Others faced constrained choices due to financial considerations or their tertiary entrance score not being high enough to get into a Melbourne-based university. This latter reason was also a factor for Melbourne residents who moved to regional universities. A desire for city life and its excitement was a driving factor for those moving to the city to study at university. Many also perceived Melbourne to have superior educational facilities and career opportunities. Moving to the city was viewed as a significant part of the growing up process and attainment of independence. Although many of those at regional universities felt that the quality of education may have been better in the city, they were compensated by smaller class sizes and greater interaction with lecturers. For those who moved to Melbourne, the degree to which their lives became established in their new place of residence often influenced their decision to stay, as did the desire to pursue career objectives. Nevertheless, many indicated they would move back to the country when they were ready to raise a family. Interestingly, a number of students who chose to study at a regional university were ready to make a move to the city as graduates. This was found to be particularly important for those studying nursing where the desire for further study and experience of specialist fields made Melbourne a more attractive option than regional Victoria.

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