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Cyberbullying: a virtual menace

Cyberbullying Bullying Schools safety

School bullying attracted considerable attention worldwide as it became apparent that this widespread behavior was neither innocuous nor stamina-building but harmful and insidious. A considerable and growing body of research has examined the prevalence and consequences of bullying, and has evaluated the effectiveness of various strategies for reducing the behavior. Recently, technology has been added to the arsenal of strategies that can be employed by bullies to harm others. As most middle and high school students in developed countries use the Internet and other technology, such as mobile phones, the potential for hurtful behaviors is great (Keith & Martin, 2005). Cyberbullying, a term coined by Canadian Bill Belsey, has increased very quickly and educators and researchers are understandably concerned that this problem is growing more rapidly than is educators? and parents' ability to respond effectively. This paper will review what is known about cyberbullying and what can be done to prevent it.

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