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Effective development practice strengthening Indigenous voice, decision making and control

ACFID Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs Community of Practice 2017 Forum summary report
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On 21st–23nd November 2017, the ACFID Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community of Practice hosted a forum in Alice Springs entitled Effective Development Practice Strengthening Indigenous Voice, Decision Making, and Control. Over 130 participants included community representatives, development practitioners, academics and government representatives.

The forum explored how Aboriginal communities and their partners are putting principles of effective development into practice to ensure that decision making and programs reflect community aspirations and priorities.  It was an opportunity to learn from communities and development practitioners about some of the best development practice examples in Australia and especially the Northern Territory. 

  • Some of the major themes that emerged included:
  • Inter-cultural work is powerful and we are all change agents
  • Community Development is complex work
  • Community-led funding models are needed
  • Communication is vital
  • Strengthening governance takes time
  • Partnerships with non-Aboriginal organisations can support self-determination
  • There is a need for workforce development and support

This report documents forum outcomes and learnings that can inform other engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia.

This is the second public forum hosted by the CoP with the 2016 forum report also available for download from this site.

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