Smart cities guide for built environment consultants

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The smart city is one that uses technology, data and intelligent design to enhance a city’s liveability, workability and sustainability. This Guide has been developed to support built environment consultants to help their clients and other stakeholders in advancing the smart city agenda. It provides a clear definition for smart cities, articulates the benefits and identifies a suite of principles of practice for consultants. For the purposes of this Guide, the term ‘city’ embraces components of a city or region regardless of size and includes the entirety of human activity in that area, including local governments, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, resources, businesses and people. At the heart of this Guide is a checklist, which serves as a tool for consultants to work with their clients and collaborators to successfully build understanding and capacity to invest in smart cities strategies. The checklist is structured around the following core questions:

• What is the client’s level of smart cities awareness?

• What outcomes does the client want to achieve from their project?

• Have you identified the most effective smart cities technology enablers for the project?

• Is there a strategy for investing in smart technology solutions?

Finally, this Guide provides some next steps to help consultants position their clients for early success.

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