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The Commonwealth government offers supplementary support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who learn by distance through one of two Away from Base (AFB) programs. AFB funding assists eligible students to travel to, and stay, at an education or training institution for blocks of face-to-face study and assessment or when they are required to participate in placements or field trips. Both programs generally assist with the costs of:

  • travel;
  • accommodation; and
  • meals

One of the AFB programs also assists higher education, training providers and students with pre-enrolment testing and assessment as well as helping students with other costs of living where a regular source of income is lost as a result of attending the course activity.

The purpose of this paper is to gather feedback on current AFB support and views on how arrangements might be improved in the future. The government wishes to ensure that existing resources allocated to AFB are being used efficiently, effectively and appropriately and are leading to improved outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

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