The future of sport in Australia

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The Crawford Review was commissioned to investigate the reforms required to ensure that Australia’s sporting system remains prepared for the challenges of the future.

This report examines elite and community level sport as well as sport for young people, women and men, sport for people with a disability and the engagement of Indigenous and ethnic Australians.

The Independent Sport Panel featured 39 recommendations including:

  • The first ever comprehensive National Sports Policy Framework - a national and innovative approach to developing sports policy at both an elite and community level.
  • Revolutionising the AIS and our state and territory institutes - the back bone of elite sport in this country - to create a truly national and world class system for our athletes.
  • A broadening of the definition of sporting success to include measures of our nation’s fitness and participation in activity.
  • A focus on physical education in our schools; looking at ways we can increase participation through innovative and flexible activities and investing in our sporting infrastructure both in facility and human volunteer terms.

The report does not recommend a funding cut to elite sport or the sport sector as a whole.


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