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Optimising psychosocial supports: project report

1 Nov 2018

Project overview:

The Optimising Psychosocial Support Project brings together, for the first time, the service level data from community based mental health programs to present a picture of how people with psychosocial disability were supported in ‘pre-NDIS’ programs. The project provides a rich and valuable evidence base to augment and support the NDIA’s work to deliver the most appropriate support to NDIS participants with psychosocial disability.

Project report:

The project report provides a high level summary of the results of the project, the methodology, and data collection and analysis. The report offers adjustments to the NDIS support purpose types and typical support packages for people with psychosocial disability. It proposes 30 new items for the NDIS Price Guide and amendments to 28 existing items. The information contained in the project report has been extracted from a detailed technical report prepared by David McGrath Consulting for the Project Management Group.

With the announcement of the development of the psychosocial disability stream within the NDIS, there is an opportunity for collaboration between the mental health sector and the NDIA to refine the NDIA’s approach to planning and pricing services for people with psychosocial disability. Such collaboration, and concerted advocacy building on it, will enable the NDIA to operate in a way that optimises supports for NDIS participants with psychosocial disability.

Please note: a literature review associated with this research is also available can be accessed here

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