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Will-o’-the-ISP: Estimating renewable energy employment under the Integrated System Plan

21 Nov 2018

The Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) Integrated System Plan (ISP) includes a ‘Fast Scenario’ that sees 42,895MW of new renewable energy capacity built by 2029- 30, resulting in 53% of generation capacity from renewables.

Four studies present a range of estimates for employment generated by new renewable capacity constructed.

While little renewable manufacturing currently occurs in Australia, some wind turbine manufacturing is being established, suggesting that well-designed policies could generate significant benefits.

Given the focus on energy transition and jobs in Australia’s public debate, surprisingly little attention has been given to the potential employment benefits of a rapid transition to renewable energy. This is even more surprising as many of the benefits would be felt in regional areas where employment opportunities are often a social, political and economic priority. As more renewable energy is developed, researchers, decision makers and the public will hopefully gain a better understanding of these benefits.

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