A clean recovery

Using Australia’s enormous renewable energy potential to create jobs and jumpstart the economy
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Clean energy has delivered an enormous economic boost to Australia during the past few years as a result of unprecedented investment in large-scale wind, solar and storage as well as a record number of Australians investing in the installation of rooftop solar and household battery solutions.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the Australian economy. A 'clean recovery' has enormous potential to utilise investment in renewable energy and energy storage to assist the national economic recovery effort, creating thousands of new jobs, empowering consumers, bringing economic activity to regional communities, lowering power prices and creating the smart infrastructure of the future that can cement Australia’s place as a global clean energy superpower.

Many of these measures involve smart regulatory reform that will unblock massive pent-up private investment, while others are highly cost-effective with minimal demands on government funding or impost on electricity customers.

The clean energy industry has been one of Australia’s extraordinary success stories over the past few years and stands ready to lead the economic recovery from COVID-19. A clean recovery can jumpstart the economy as a result of the following package of initiatives:

  • Creating jobs, supporting local communities and empowering consumers
  • Building 21st century energy infrastructure
  • Accelerating large-scale clean energy investment
  • Making Australia a clean energy superpower
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