2018 Australian reconciliation barometer

Aboriginal reconciliation Indigenous Australia

Reconciliation Australia (RA) first launched the Reconciliation Barometer research project in February 2007. The objective of the research was to develop a tool to measure the progress of reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians. The first study was completed in 2008, with subsequent biennial tracking waves since then.

RA undertook a review of reconciliation in Australia and internationally, and as a result of this work, five critical dimensions that together represent a holistic and comprehensive picture of reconciliation were identified. Since 2014, the Barometer has aligned closely with RA’s Reconciliation Outcomes Framework, to focus on the 5 key dimensions: Race Relations, Equality and Equity, Institutional Integrity, Unity, Historical Acceptance.

The 2018 Barometer surveyed a national sample of 497 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and 1995 Australians in the general community across all states and territories. It found that an overwhelming number of Australians (90%) believe in the central tenet of reconciliation – that the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is important.


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