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We don't know enough about the condition of Australia’s housing. In the nearly two decades since the last Australian Housing Survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics there have been significant changes in the housing system. The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset (AHCD) responds to a pressing need for a reliable and up-to-date housing conditions data infrastructure. This initial wave is focused on New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, however additional work to build upon, adapt and apply the AHCD research protocols to different population groups and locations is encouraged. The AHCD and research protocols will be accessible through the Australian Data Archive in late 2018.

The AHCD provides:

  • An infrastructure of tools, data, and protocols for Australian researchers and policymakers;
  • A foundation for evidence-informed research on Australia's housing conditions; and
  • Essential evidence required to address the real and chronic housing needs of vulnerable Australians, and maximise social and economic participation in society.
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The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset
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