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Companies spoke. Did their suppliers listen?

Tracking Behind the Brands sustainability commitments through the supply chain with the ‘agribusiness scorecard’
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Between 2013 and 2016, Oxfam’s Behind the Brands campaign sought to drive more sustainable sourcing policies and practices among the 10 biggest food and beverage companies globally (the “Big 10”). Oxfam is now focused on how the Big 10 are implementing their commitments, including how they are engaging their suppliers, such as global agribusinesses, on sustainability issues. Agribusinesses are powerful supply chain actors. 

For this report, Oxfam has assessed seven global agribusinesses against foundational indicators of its original Behind the Brands campaign scorecard. The original Behind the Brands scorecard and the new agribusiness scorecard both measure the strength of companies’ sustainability policies. Oxfam wanted to know: Do agribusinesses’ sustainability policies and implementation plans meet standards set by leading Big 10 companies and for best practice? Are the agribusinesses prepared to manage their operations in a way that brings about improved impacts for women, small-scale food producers, and on land and climate?

This report introduces the agribusiness scorecard and presents the results. It calls on agribusinesses to strengthen their sustainability policies and implementation plans. The report also makes the case that the Big 10 must focus on the policies and practices of agribusinesses in order to meet their responsibilities and implement their own supply chain commitments.

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