This report has three parts:

Summary Report Part I presents the State of the Environment (SoE) 2018 report card, indicator summaries, areas for future focus and summary of the report recommendations. A comparison of status, trend and data quality for the 170 indicators of Victoria’s environmental health (assessed in Part III), along with a synopsis of the low and highperforming indicators, is included to assist with prioritising action on the recommendations.

Summary Report Part II presents an overview of the global megatrends impacting Victoria’s environment, and the application of international frameworks to State of the Environment reporting. Megatrends, influential at a global level and for Victoria, have been identified and used to help frame the Future Focus sections and recommendations. Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned to bring together the most relevant megatrends of likely influence. Megatrends and the Victorian Environment 2018 highlights the global influences for consideration in the Victorian context. In addition, two international frameworks, the UN SDGs and SEEA are highlighted for their potential to improve environmental reporting and environmental outcomes.

Scientific Assessments Part III: relies on publically available scientific data which has been peer-reviewed by experts in each field, and subsequently assessed and synthesised by the science team supporting the Commissioner, to provide an evaluation of Victoria’s environmental health against 170 indicators.

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