This inquiry was wide-ranging, canvassing evidence in relation to the film and television industry, and the music industry. As such, the report examines these industries separately. It comprises 6 chapters as follows:

  • Chapter 1 — provides an introduction to the report;
  • Chapter 2 — explores the current operating environment of the Australian screen industry, including some of the challenges it is facing;
  • Chapter 3 — details government incentives available for the screen industry; and evidence received in relation to changes which may improve the operation of such incentives;
  • Chapter 4 — canvasses evidence received in relation to content quotas for television broadcasters and the effects of these quotas;
  • Chapter 5 — explores the evidence received in relation to the music industry, its current operating environment, and its regulatory framework including content quotas; and
  • Chapter 6 — contains the committee view.
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