Intimate partner violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and stalking are prevalent problems with serious consequences for women, their children and wider society (Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth), 2014; Webster, 2016). This violence affects women across the life cycle, but is more prevalent among, and has a particular and far-reaching impact upon, young women (Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 2017a; Brown et al., 2009; Cox, 2015; Dillon, Hussain, & Loxton, 2015; Hooker, Theobald, Anderson, Billet, & Baron, 2017).

The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS) is a periodic telephone survey of a representative sample. In 2017 more than 17,500 Australians aged 16 years and over were surveyed about their:

  • knowledge of violence against women;
  • attitudes towards this violence and gender equality; and
  • intentions if they were to witness abuse or disrespect towards women.

The NCAS is one of the main mechanisms for measuring progress against the six National Outcomes outlined in the National Plan (COAG, 2011), another is the PSS (ABS, 2017b). Previous waves of the NCAS were conducted in 1995, 2009 and 2013.


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