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Reducing waste from events and services: guidelines for single use items

Waste management Recycling Waste minimization Sydney

The City of Sydney is committed to environmental leadership. Our guiding documents Sustainable Sydney 2030 and Leave Nothing to Waste set bold targets, including a long-term goal of zero waste to landfill. Our long-term waste objectives are:

  • to reduce the amount of waste produced
  • to recycle as much as possible; and
  • to treat what’s left over in the most sustainable way

The temporary nature of events can often increase our reliance on single use items. Single use items are typically products and packaging that we dispose of after one use. In many instances, these items are not recycled because the type of material used isn’t recyclable and/or can’t be collected separately.

The City has developed these guidelines to assist staff and event managers to find more sustainable alternatives to single use items and how to ensure that where waste is generated, recycling is maximised.

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