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In addition to its environmental role, the Australian recycling industry significantly contributes to the Australian economy. It operates across our homes, businesses, factories and construction sites. It collects, sorts, and reprocesses material, and makes new recycled content products.

We are now at a crossroads. Australia is currently ranked about 17th in the world for recycling, and recycling rates are stagnant. That also means stagnation in jobs that this industry contributes. And, China has now stopped taking substantial amounts of material. That’s why we are taking charge of making change.

We have a big goal - 100% recovery of recyclable, compostable, reusable or recoverable materials. And, there are new national recycling targets in public policy. To reach these aims, a practical and positive plan is needed.

We need to reboot recycling as a self-sufficient sector that enables employment and prevents pollution. Independent reports show that domestically remanufacturing 50% of the material formerly sent to China leads to some 500 jobs here and reduces greenhouse gases equivalent of 50,000 less cars.

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