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The people from Sea Lake discussed how a coherent future for their town might look like. The design charrette of Sea Lake resulted in a spatial long-term framework that deals with these future challenges. It came up with several, very clear prioritary policy areas:

  • Innovate current farming: The newest technology allows farmers to organise their production process remotely and as managers of vertical integrated farms. A range of new products and services can thus be added as the output of the farm.
  • Lock in natural wonders: The unique natural and cultural setting of Sea Lake allows for the development of special tourist attraction, such as star gazing above Lake Tyrrell or the development of Land-Art in and around town. A new arts precinct around the silos creates a vibrant town centre, where galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants open and space is found for a planetarium, a museum and artists residencies. The silos themselves are used to project movies and as a climbing wall.
  • Unlock the science of geology and history: the area is full of geological and historical wonders. The history of the sea lakes is extremely exciting and new scientific technologies can be discovered using this knowledge. The aboriginal heritage in the area is rich and needs to be studied in all its broadness.
  • Advance agricultural education: The existing strengths at Tyrrell College can be extended into an international valued education. The connectedness, both virtual as in exchanging students with therest of the world belongs to the core of the Agricultural centre of excellence in Sea Lake.
  • Facilitate with accommodations: the development of Sea Lake as a vibrant city with a focus on tourism and education requires a range of quality accommodation. For visitors the accommodation ranges from simple RV-parks to farm stays and luxury lake edge lodges. Students, professionals and elderly need to be accom modated with accessible housing, which can range from yurts and tee pees to semi attached care units and large modern villas.
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