Attracting millennials to regional New South Wales

Tourism Youth Regional planning New South Wales
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Tourism Research Australia in partnership with Destination New South Wales commissioned Instinct and Reason to research the Australian youth travel market. Youth or ‘millenials’ are defined in this study as persons aged 15-29 as well as those aged 30-34 who do not have children. This research will assist Destination New South Wales to inform their Youth Action Plan, and to develop products, experiences and communication channels to entice millennials to visit regional New South Wales (NSW).

Millennials are:

  • profoundly influenced by technology and subsequent social media use, both of which dictate how this generation interacts with the world and makes decisions, including where they go and what they do once there
  • looking for authentic information as opposed to staged advertising. Social media, including Pinterest and Instagram, allows them to see the real experiences people have as opposed to marketing material.
  • constantly bombarded by information via their engagement with social media. They subconsciously filter out content they’re not interested in, or that is too lengthy
  • reliant on travel recommendations from friends and family, as well as social media
  • not intimidated by distance, but they don’t like visiting destinations that are difficult to access n seeking authentic and genuine experiences, together with a variety of active and passive ways to enjoy them.
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