Victorian alpine resorts economic contribution study - summary report 2016/17

12 Jul 2017

The alpine resorts

The alpine resorts of Victoria generate economic activity for the State as they attract a numbers of Victorian, interstate and international visitors. While the majority of tourism in this region is driven by snow and ski resorts, outside of the snow season, the mountains provide a good location for bushwalking, horse-riding, cycling, scenic driving and fishing. The value of the resorts to both state and regional economies identified in this report demonstrates the importance of the alpine resorts to local economies and the state of Victoria. This analysis demonstrates that the alpine resorts help boost economic activity in regions and a growth in unemployment would become more of an issue if the alpine industry and resorts were to decline in quality and appeal. The alpine resorts are of importance in terms of their economic contribution to the regions closest to where the resorts are located.

Visitors to the alpine resorts during the winter season

It is estimated by the Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council that there were a total of 1,111,347 visitors to the Victoria alpine resorts across the winter and summer months, which produced almost 1.9 million visitor days. Survey results reveal that across all of Victoria’s alpine resorts, during the winter months, 82% of the visitors are from Victoria, while 14% are interstate visitors and the remaining 4% are from overseas. During the summer month, 89% of the visitors are from Victoria, while 10% are interstate visitors and the remaining approximate 1% are from overseas. Although the proportion of international tourism remains low, the Australian alpine resort industry is important in retaining snow sports and recreational tourism and expenditures that would have most likely gone overseas if the alpine resorts in Australia had not been developed to capture snow sports activity and expenditures in the local economy.

The economic contribution of the alpine resorts

Gross direct visitor expenditure generated by the Victorian alpine resorts was $817 million. In 2011, total gross direct visitor expenditure in the Victorian alpine resorts was $795 million (in 2016/17 prices). This expenditure covers all visitor transactions, including food, beverages, lift passes, entry fees and local travel. The flow-on consequences of the net additional expenditures were analysed using an input/output based model. The results of this analysis for Victoria in 2016/17 shows an economic contribution (gross state product) of $911 million, compared to what would have been the case in the absence of the economic contribution of the alpine resorts in the winter and summer seasons. Importantly, job opportunities generated was close to 9,098 in Victoria across the 2016/17 year.

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