PNG case study: Linking central reform to service delivery

22 Apr 2011


Recognising that a major constraint on service delivery was a lack of sufficient and predictable funding, Papua New Guinea’s National Economic and Fiscal Commission (NEFC) led a process that has reformed the way provinces are funded to deliver essential services such as health and education.

Both the PNG Government and the donor community consider the reform process that was supported by AusAID-funded advisers to be good practice. The assistance was long‐term, flexible and supportive of PNG Government ownership, with the reforms always clearly linked to the objective of improving service delivery in PNG.

AusAID provided the NEFC with advisory services to support data collection, analysis and policy dialogue. By using targeted gap‐filling technical assistance and supporting systems reform from within the NEFC, AusAID strengthened the process without diminishing NEFC or PNG government ownership.

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