The Foodbank Hunger Report provides an insight into the largely hidden problem of food insecurity in Australia. The report is a summary of two pieces of research undertaken with Foodbank stakeholders in the first half of 2014.

The first is the Foodbank Welfare Agency Survey conducted amongst the organisations and community groups that source food from Foodbank. The aim of the survey is to learn more about the welfare agencies themselves, their food provision activities and the recipients of food relief. It also seeks feedback on the service Foodbank provides. This year 1,197 responses were received and analysis of the results, as well as the economic context surrounding the issue of hunger and food relief in Australia, was provided by Deloitte Access Economics, Australia’s pre-eminent economics advisory practice.

The second piece of research is the Social Return on Investment (SROI) forecast analysis undertaken on Foodbank’s services using an internationally recognised methodology by Net Balance, Australia’s largest sustainability advisory firm. It quantifies the social, environmental and economic value created by Foodbank’s food relief activities and builds on the results of a scoping study carried out in 2012, which was co-funded by Foodbank and the Australian Food and Grocery Council. SROI is a framework for measuring and accounting for a broader concept of value than just financial gain. It also incorporates reductions in inequality and environmental degradation and improvements in wellbeing and productivity by factoring in social, environmental and economic costs and benefits. In a nutshell, it is about determining the true benefit to society of Foodbank’s provision of food relief.

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