This Project Delivery Report reflects upon outcomes from the procurement and delivery of the City to Gungahlin Light Rail project.

As with any large, complex infrastructure project, the delivery of the project saw successes, encountered challenges and generated lessons to bear in mind in the future delivery of other projects. This report summarises the performance of, and key lessons learnt from, the project’s procurement and delivery phases. This will inform other complex infrastructure projects across the Territory and future expansions of our light rail network.

The Territory acknowledges and thanks Canberra Metro for its vital role in the project. As the ACT Government’s partner under the project’s PPP structure, Canberra Metro were responsible for designing, constructing and now operating the first stage of Canberra’s light rail system. This report is written from the ACT Government’s perspective and reflects budget, program and other project outcomes for the ACT Government. Notwithstanding this is an ACT Government report reflecting ACT Government outcomes, the ACT Government thanks Canberra Metro for its review of this report prior to its publication.

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