The Creative Brisbane Creative Economy 2013-22 strategy aims to strengthen the city’s liveability as a vibrant creative hub and to ensure Brisbane will be the premier location for talented people to live, work and play; a city to raise families, and develop careers and economic potential.


Our vision is for a creative and prosperous Brisbane, where:

  • new visitors, students and arriving migrants are given the best possible opportunity to experience all the city has to offer
  • our cultural diversity is celebrated
  • Brisbane’s creative industries will thrive.

To achieve this vision, we will:

  • expand our cultural and creative infrastructure to accommodate the talented people who live and move here
  • advance our relationship between the city and the river
  • realise opportunities to expand Brisbane’s creative links with Asian countries and communities
  • provide opportunities for residents and business to create wealth for themselves and for the city.

Our thriving cultural precincts and events, lively music scene, vibrant and welcoming public spaces, well-designed and engaging buildings, great dining and coffee shops, and successful creative enterprises will become the hallmarks of our New World City.

By bringing together multiple commercial and public sector stakeholders, leveraging our existing assets, nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, and embracing new perspectives, we will see Brisbane’s economy diversify and grow.

Brisbane will become an expressive, enthusiastic and energetic hub. Our culture, lifestyle, climate and attitude will attract talent and investment and offer the means for our local companies to retain and cultivate that talent to become among the world’s best.

5. Leadership, engagement and implementation


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