City of Adelaide cultural strategy 2017-2023

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The City of Adelaide 2016-2020 strategic plan envisions Adelaide as a multicultural city with a passion to create authentic and internationally renowned experiences.

Consultations prior to the plan identified five cultural aspirations that reflect our shared goals, and an intention to work together towards their achievement. Success in these areas was considered essential to a healthy, robust, sustainable, energised and culturally vital landscape. Our shared aspirations are that:

1. Adelaide’s CULTURAL IDENTITY is unique and our creative reputation is renowned

2. Adelaide’s CULTURAL ECONOMY is robust, sustainable and easy to navigate

3. Adelaide has an engaged, collaborative, knowledgeable and CONNECTED CULTURAL COMMUNITY

4. Adelaide is recognised as a CULTURAL INCUBATOR where people, enterprises and audiences flourish

5. Adelaide is renowned for its authentic, vibrant and diverse CULTURAL EXPERIENCES

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