Northern Territory’s tourism industry strategy 2030

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The Northern Territory’s Tourism Industry Strategy 2030 sets out the strategic direction for industry development over the next decade. Over this time period, the tourism landscape will continue to change – and so the NT’s Tourism Industry Strategy 2030 will be reviewed and adapted, to ensure its ongoing relevance. The strategy will also be supported by specific shorter term plans, including Tourism NT’s marketing strategy, which is refreshed on a regular basis due to changes in consumer preferences, travel behaviour and marketing tools.

This framework has been co-developed with both industry and government and is designed to unite efforts across the public and private sectors, with priorities and actions targeted towards shifting the current performance of the tourism sector in the Northern Territory to one of sustainable growth. Six priority objectives are identified that, if delivered, will make a material impact on the trajectory of tourism in the Northern Territory:

  1. Grow investment in the Northern Territory’s remarkable assets, product and regions
  2. Strengthen and showcase the Northern Territory’s distinctive Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences
  3. Through strategic marketing activities grow the value of the holiday market in the Northern Territory
  4. Leverage and build events to drive visitation
  5. Develop ongoing access to and within the Northern Territory
  6. Increase recognition of the value of tourism to the Northern Territory.

Within each priority objective are specific actions to achieve identified goals in the short, medium and long term. Implementing the strategy’s actions through to 2030 will create the momentum to attract more domestic and international visitors to the Territory, and prepare the industry to deliver high quality and increasingly diverse experiences.

Four pillars: industry development, marketing, collaboration across industry and government, and workforce development also reinforce the actions identified within each priority objective to underpin the strategy’s success.

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