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The 2019 Women’s report card presents fact-based information to raise awareness of the status of Western Australian (WA) women.

It contributes to the evidence base which underpins actions to address the barriers to women’s progress and promote the benefits of greater gender equity.

This report provides reliable information to inform discussion, debate and advocacy. Public, private and community sector organisations can also use this information to develop policies and take action to support women’s progress and to drive gender equality. The report also reflects the state government’s continuing commitment to provide regular updates on the status and progress of WA women.

This report recognises that barriers to women’s progress persist, and that there is a shared responsibility to improve the status of women and address the barriers to their progress.

This report presents information about both the status and progress of WA women. It is structured around four areas that are central to women’s life experiences and opportunities, and gender equity in our community:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Safety and justice
  • Economic independence
  • Leadership

These areas align with the priorities in the Women’s Plan, which is scheduled to be launched in 2020. Some of these indicators are interrelated and all are of critical importance.

This report includes a chapter for each of the four areas, together with a chapter covering the broader demographic profile of women in WA. In addition to outlining the number of women by region, and by age profile, this chapter provides an overview of women’s composition by ethnicity, cultural diversity, disability, marital status and religious affiliation.

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