The Ardern Government has a bold ambition for New Zealand, looking to bring about a productive, sustainable, and inclusive future that works for all New Zealanders. We have set ourselves an ambitious agenda, including tackling big challenges such as the transition to a zero-carbon economy by 2050, supporting our regions to grow, preserving and protecting our environment, creating fulfilling and high-value jobs, and increasing our wellbeing.

Achieving these goals requires fresh thinking and better ways of doing things. Research, science, and innovation (RSI) will play a central role in delivering this future for New Zealand. This strategy sets out how RSI will play that role, and how the government plans to act to support it.

To support this goal, this government has set a target to raise national research and development expenditure to two per cent of GDP by 2027. The share of our collective resources dedicated to knowledge creation and use must grow quickly to enable us to achieve the future we want.

This strategy focuses on how New Zealand can innovate towards the frontier – the leading edge of what the world knows and can do. This means introducing products, services, and processes that are new to the world; solving problems that nobody else has solved or is likely to investigate; capitalising on new areas where nobody else has been successful so far; and making the most of opportunities that are unique to us. It means investigating areas where New Zealand is the only country likely to do so.

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