The South Australian government is committed to improving the opportunities and services available to Aboriginal South Australians. To achieve this ambition, the government has developed this Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan that outlines a series of initiatives and actions for completion by agencies during 2019-20.

Key Findings:

  • This action plan aims to lead to more Aboriginal people working in government and increase the number of Aboriginal owned businesses.
  • Expanding projects such as the North-West Indigenous Pastoral Project, will support Aboriginal pastoral operations with business plan development, pastoral skills training, coordinated investment into infrastructure repair and development, and options for independent regional employment.
  • All South Australian Government agencies are to have a Reconciliation Action Plan in place by mid-2019, or lodged with Reconciliation Australia pending endorsement.
  • Action will be taken to promote cultural awareness and competency across the South Australian public sector, and promote Aboriginal employment at all levels in the public sector.

This plan supports improved coordination across policy, program and service delivery, and implements tailored local solutions through a place-based, cooperative response.

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