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The social and political effects of Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji: recent research perspectives

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This research brief summarises three recent publications that analyse some of the social and political effects of Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji. The research was conducted by a multidisciplinary team with a core of SGDIA researchers (Romitesh Kant, Jope Tarai and Jason Titifanue) but also including researchers from other Schools within USP, including Geography (Renata Varea) and Accounting (Glenn Finau), and internation collaborators from The University of Auckland (Prof. Andreas Neef) and La Trobe University (Dr John Coz). Each of the articles was published in special editions of their respective journals, including two special editions dedicated to disasters (Pacific Journalism Review and a double edition of Anthropological Forum). Interested readers may like to explore the excellent contributions of the other authors represented in these collections. This research brief concludes with some suggestions for disaster management practitioners.

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