Numbering: calls to freephone and local rate numbers - the way forward

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This consultation paper sets out the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s views on future arrangements for call charges to freephone and local rate numbers.

Together these number ranges are known as freephone and local rate numbers (FLRNs).

During 2010–11, the ACMA undertook a program of work (the Numbering Work Program) to examine the regulatory framework for telephone numbers and provide an analysis of reform options. As part of this process, the ACMA assessed a range of issues related to the cost of calls to FLRN services from fixed and mobile phones.


The ACMA invites submissions on the following issues:

  1. Details of costs, revenues and charges related to the use of FLRNs and costs associated with the proposed changes that might have the effect of materially altering the ACMA’s view.
  2. Whether the proposed time period for implementing the proposed changes is appropriate and, if not, what reasons there might be for a shorter or longer implementation period.
  3. Whether there is a preferred mechanism by which the proposed changes are made to the Numbering Plan.
  4. Specific details of any alternative industry based measures to achieve the desired outcomes.

Submissions should be made:

By email:

By mail:
Manager, Numbering Project
Australian Communications and Media Authority
PO Box 13112
Law Courts
Melbourne VIC 8010

Submissions are due by close of business on 30 November 2011.

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