This is the second and final report of the National OHS Review and contains findings and makes recommendations on matters that were not covered in the review panel's first report. These matters that are relevant to a model OHS Act address:

* scope and coverage, including definitions;

* workplace-based consultation, participation and representation provisions, including the appointment, powers and functions of health and safety representatives and/or committees;
* enforcement and compliance, including the role and powers of OHS inspectors, and the application of enforcement tools including codes of practice;
* regulation-making powers and administrative processes, including mechanisms for improving cross-jurisdictional cooperation and dispute resolution;
* permits and licensing arrangements for those engaged in high risk work and the use of certain plant and hazardous substances;
* the role of OHS regulatory agencies in providing education, advice and assistance to duty holders; and
* other matters the review panel has identified as being important to health and safety that should be addressed in a model OHS Act.

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