Australia’s multicultural advantage

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Scott Morrison and his predecessor, Malcolm Turnbull, have often reminded us that Australia is the world’s most successful multicultural nation. And they have good reasons for saying so. With over 28 per cent of us born overseas and around 50 per cent having at least one overseas-born parent, we are indeed a country of immigrants — far more so than the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other settler nations.

Because of immigration, Australia is one of the youngest developed nations on the planet. Our median age of only thirty-seven is significantly lower than the OECD average of well over forty. If immigration is maintained at around current levels, Australia will maintain that youth advantage even though our population will continue to age, particularly over the next twenty years.

The fact that migrants to Australia come from many different countries is also a good thing. And — Cronulla riots notwithstanding — we are a socially cohesive society. New arrivals have been remarkably successful in so many ways.

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