This policy aims to help guide emergency and development planners to work with the Government of Vanuatu to address the needs of all communities affected by displacement. The policy also aims to enable government ministries to work together to provide protections for people at each stage of the displacement cycle, with the goal of achieving durable solutions for all people affected by displacement. 

The policy proposes twelve strategic priority areas for action to ensure displacement and human mobility considerations are mainstreamed into Vanuatu’s planning at national, provincial and local levels, building on existing national policy initiatives. Strategic areas are grouped into systems level interventions and sectoral-level interventions. Systems-level interventions relate to:

  • institutions and governance
  • safeguards and protection
  • evidence, information and monitoring
  • capacity-building, training and resources

Sectoral-level interventions relate to:

  • safety and security 
  • land, housing, planning and environment 
  • health and well-being
  • education
  • infrastructure and connectivity
  • agriculture, food security and livelihoods
  • traditional knowledge, culture and documentation
  • access to justice and public participation

The policy also identifies cross-cutting issues that relate to and underpin all of the twelve areas, such as gender responsiveness, social inclusion, community participation, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and safe, well-managed migration.

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