Staff in Australia’s schools 2010

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This national survey of teachers and school leaders gathered information from over 17,000 secondary and primary school teachers and leaders across the country in the latter half of 2010. 

It aimed to address key gaps in the data available to characterise the teaching profession to support workforce planning.

The Staff in Australia’s Schools (SIAS) 2010 national survey of teachers and school leaders was undertaken by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). This report provides an overview of the results obtained from the Staff in Australia’s Schools (SiAS) 2010 survey commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). The survey ran from August to December 2010.

The survey was structured around four populations: Primary Teachers; Secondary Teachers; Primary Leaders; and Secondary Leaders. ‘Leaders’ were defined as Principals, Deputy/Vice Principals, and their equivalents in the different school systems. The design meant that all eligible teachers in Australia had an approximately equal probability of selection.

Final survey responses were received from 4599 primary teachers (final response rate 34%), 10876 secondary teachers (32%), 741 primary leaders (44%) and 838 secondary leaders (39%). The response rates were generally higher than those achieved in 2007, and standard errors have been included to provide a guide to the precision of the estimates. All possible steps were taken to examine and minimise the potential impact of non-response bias and the data quality is likely to be at least equal to other teacher surveys conducted to date in Australia. Nevertheless, the figures reported are estimates of population values obtained from the SiAS sample and care needs to be taken in their interpretation, especially in regard to sub-groups of teachers, and Leaders, due to their much smaller numbers.


A supplementary report, which provides further data and analysis for primary and secondary teachers in selected curriculum areas.

Authored by Paul Weldon, Phillip McKenzie, Glenn Rowley and Martin Murphy

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