Interim report: review of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001

30 May 2012

This report reviews the effectiveness of the Interactive Gambling Act in reducing harm to problem gamblers and those at risk of becoming problem gamblers.

The review proposes a number of changes to the IGA, including:

  • Introducing a national standard for harm minimisation and consumer protection;
  • Strengthening enforcement and deterrence measures against overseas unlicensed online gambling providers;
  • Increasing awareness among consumers about the risks of using unlicensed gambling providers;
  • Establishing a trial of online tournament poker in Australia, subject to a strict regulatory framework and a requirement that participating providers cease providing higher risk gambling services to Australians, like online slot machines;
  • Prohibiting micro-betting (such as ball-by-ball bets in cricket or point-by-point bets in tennis) across all platforms; and
  • Requiring that any form of 'in-the-run' wagering, on any platform, be approved by the relevant state regulator and the national sports governing body.
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