These guidelines and associated support materials are to assist schools to build on their current practice and revise their anti-bullying plans to comply with the new 2011 Bullying: Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying Policy.
They provide a framework for schools to use in developing and implementing an anti-bullying plan which includes protection, prevention, early intervention and response strategies for student bullying. The anti-bullying plan is a key part of every school’s planning for student wellbeing and effective learning.
As schools evaluate their current school anti- bullying plans, they should consider other state wide reforms and changes in their own practices and circumstances. At a school level, the anti-bullying plan will need to reflect or respond to emerging issues in student behaviour such as cyberbullying and to current understandings about good practice in managing student behaviour. The anti-bullying plan must be reviewed with the school community at least every three years.

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