This report explores how COVID-19 is impacting New Zealand. Using direct data comparisons with other countries, the authors discuss how New Zealanders are feeling about wellbeing, the government, the impact of the virus on their household and the concerns they have.

Key Findings:

  1. 42% of New Zealanders say that COVID-19 has already impacted their personal income. This compares to 29% across the G7 nations.
  2. Most New Zealanders believe the country has a long road to recovery. Two in three (64%) believe it will take more than six months to get back to normal (compared to 37% across the G7).
  3. The Government is seen as a key source of reliable information about the outbreak. 31% say it is the most trusted source (compared to just 13% across the G7).
  4. New Zealanders also trust the judgement of their political leaders. 88% of New Zealanders trust the Government to make the right decisions on COVID-19. This is well above the G7 average of 59%.
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