National emergency and disaster response arrangements in Australia: a quick guide

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Each Australian state and territory has generic emergency and disaster response legislation which authorises officials to declare emergencies in a variety of circumstances and make orders to deal with an emergency. The Australian Government does not have specific legislative power to deal with emergencies and has not enacted equivalent generic legislation.

The Australian Government Crisis Management Framework (AGCMF) is an overarching, decision-making framework designed to manage crises of all kinds, end-to-end, by passing through management phases of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. A ‘crisis’ is any event that activates the AGCMF arrangements. Crises may include (but are not limited to) terrorist incidents, health pandemics, animal diseases, natural disasters and incidents affecting Australians and/or Australian interests overseas.

This guide explains these arrangements for the response phase, and identifies the various decision-making and advisory bodies.

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