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TEQSA is supporting providers to be flexible and adaptive in how they deliver higher education and support students, both in Australia and offshore, to continue their study. We are not setting out particular approaches that providers should adopt. Providers are best placed to consider their individual context and determine the appropriate delivery solutions.

TEQSA appreciates providers have had to act swiftly to adapt to the current challenges and that they will be at different stages in terms of their online preparedness. We encourage providers to focus on ensuring that learning outcomes for courses are maintained, staff are adequately resourced to teach online, and that student wellbeing and safety continues to be a priority. This focus should be underpinned by clear, open, and accessible communication between students, teaching staff, and support staff.

So long as providers are able to demonstrate that they have taken into account relevant considerations and made a reasonable decision, in the best interests of students and the quality of learning, TEQSA is unlikely to draw negative conclusions about actions taken by a provider to change the mode of delivery to respond to COVID-19. It is important that providers report material changes and keep adequate records of decisions and reasons for their decisions.

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