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Malaysia has achieved a significant economic and social progress over the past several decades through the implementation of First Malaysia Plan (1966-1970) to Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010). Further the Government of Malaysia aims at achieving high income nation status by 2020 through the introduction of Malaysia Vision 2020. The vision is crafted by the Fourth Malaysian Prime Minister to shape Malaysia as a developed nation not only in an economic sense but also in terms of social justice, political stability, government system, quality of life, social and spiritual values, national pride and confidence. The initiation of Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley (KL/KV) has resulted in rapid growth in urbanisation, transportation, infrastructure and construction industry sectors. Malaysian infrastructure development especially the transportation sector is going through rapid changes in terms of adapting state of the art construction technology, adjusting to industry evaluation, and use of intelligent transportation system to achieve the set goals for the future and equip the nation to brace the Industry Revolution (Industry 4.0). To stay relevant, the highway infrastructure need to be to be smart and green. The smart highway will provide better, safer and greener highway through digital and green technology through the introduction of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). The idea of smart highway is not only limited to the application of technology but also to achieve the goal of sustainable and green environment. It is in line with the Green Technology Master Plan Malaysia (GTMP) 2017-2030 that outlines the strategic plans for green technology development to create a low-carbon and resource efficient economy. The challenges for smart highway implementation is waiting ahead. Issues related to technology acceptance, political will and policies, creativity and innovations, construction methods, ethics and changing in human values need to be discussed in depth.

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