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Fact Check: Are five MCGs of native forest being logged in Victoria every day?

The Greens Logging Victoria

In the lead up to the 2018 Victorian state election, the Greens released a policy paper that claimed "five MCG's worth of native forest are being logged in Victoria every day." But It is unclear whether this refers to the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground's playing field, the area of the stadium or its volume. RMIT ABC Fact Check examined the issue and found the Greens' claim is close to the mark. While the policy paper was unclear on just which measure of the MCG it used, the common practice of using a football field to measure logging activity provides a reasonable basis for assessing that the claim would be calculated against the size of its playing field ' which is just over 2 hectares. Nearly 3,000 hectares of native forest was logged in Victoria in 2016-17, and forest harvesting crews generally work Monday to Saturday. This equates to around 4.7 worth of MCGs logged every working day. However, if the yearly harvest was divided by 365, just 4.1 MCGs per day would be logged. The Greens' claim does not fare so well on the alternative measures of the MCG. Measured against the area of the stadium as a whole, the figure drops to around just 1.6 MCGs logged every working day. And if a volume measure is used, the figure plummets: less than one MCG is filled in an entire year.
Verdict: Close to the mark

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