Strengthening rural Canada

Fewer & older: population and demographic crossroads in rural Saskatchewan
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This report analyses past, present and future demographic changes in rural and urban Saskatchewan. It examines various socio-economic characteristics of the rural and urban population and makes projections of their future demographic trends. The relationship between earnings and human capital composition of rural and urban regions are investigated and attempts are made to explain the existing earnings differences between rural and urban areas. The report focuses on four population groups, namely total provincial population, Francophone, Aboriginal and immigrant population and pays special attention to the degree of rurality.

Key findings:

  1. The study reveals that the rural population is declining and ageing in spite of the fact that the fertility rate in rural Saskatchewan is significantly greater than the generational replacement rate of 2.1
  2. The ageing rural and urban population has significant budgetary implications for the province. An ageing population affects the tax bases from which the provincial government draws revenue. It also impacts demand for government program expenditures such as health care for aged people.


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