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The role of industry super funds in the national economy has grown and evolved over 30 years, underpinned by the same clear member-benefit ethos, distinguished by how they invest and the transformative impact it has on Australians’ standard of living as they retire.

The approach industry super funds take continues to serve more than five million members well, resulting in superior investment performance for the sole benefit of their retirement savings, not shareholders.

A $33 billion industry super fund investment pipeline is slated to stimulate business activity and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in all corners of the economy.

This report expands on an earlier 2016 report and examines new areas that recognise the changing economy of the future.

Key findings:

  • Industry funds’ outperformance has added an estimated $151 billion in total to national superannuation savings over the past 23 years
  • A member is estimated to be $30,250 better off on average with an industry super fund account
  • A survey of nine industry funds suggests forward CAPEX spending totalling $33 billion
  • Of which, $19.5 billion in CAPEX will create over 200,000 jobs between 2020 and 2023
  • Investments save the Federal budget $2.7 billion through higher tax receipts, lower pension payments and lower interest costs alone
  • Spending in 2018-19 alone generated at least 111,257 jobs (last full financial year with available data)
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