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Electorate voting patterns, preliminary results 2020

Elections New Zealand election 2020 Election results New Zealand

This document provides tables of candidate and party vote percentages by electorate (based on the total votes counted) and organised broadly north to south in geographical terms. The election night totals may be affected by special votes, including overseas, comprising some 17% of all votes cast. As well this working paper adds to the tabular presentation some more statistical measures.


  • Preliminary election night results have awarded the Labour Party nearly 50% of party votes, the National Party just over one quarter and ACT and Greens some 8% each. Some 13 minor parties were under the 5% threshold.
  • Electorates with more children tended to vote for the Labour Party, suggesting support amongst middle-aged adults.
  • The Green Party has more support in electorates with a younger population.
  • The National Party and especially ACT support is highest among electorates with an older population.
  • ACT support is high amongst electorates with more people born in New Zealand.
  • Green Party support is correlated with fewer people born in New Zealand.
  • National Party, and especially ACT support, is higher in electorates with more NZ-Europeans whereas, the reverse was true for the Labour Party.
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