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NDIS planning: final report 1.98 MB

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a federal government initiative available in all Australian jurisdictions. It has replaced former state and territory government disability programs.

Planning is central to the NDIS. Besides access, planning is the primary point of contact between participants, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), and partners in the community.

The committee tabled its interim report into planning in December 2019.

This final report is divided into twelve chapters:

  • Chapter 1 introduces the inquiry and provides a brief overview of the planning process.
  • Chapter 2 outlines the recommendations made in the committee’s interim report and the Australian Government’s response.
  • Chapter 3 presents issues concerning plan funding.
  • Chapter 4 presents concerns about informal supports and the role of families in the planning process.
  • Chapter 5 examines the overlap between NDIS planning and other government systems.
  • Chapter 6 discusses the role of experts in the planning process.
  • Chapter 7 looks at concerns about planner training and expertise.
  • Chapter 8 examines planning for particular groups of participants.
  • Chapter 9 presents issues about planning in rural and remote areas.
  • Chapter 10 outlines concerns about the AAT process.
  • Chapter 11 discusses issues relating to communication with the NDIA.
  • Chapter 12 details further issues concerning planning.
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