State statistical bulletin 2010–11

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This paper presents tables and charts for a broad range of social, demographic and economic indicators across all Australian states and territories, and compares them to Australian averages. 

Each table contains data for the last five years, while each chart plots data for the financial year 2010–11.

The purpose of this paper is to present a range of economic and other statistical indicators for the states and territories of Australia. To facilitate comparisons, indicators are presented in relative terms such as growth rates, percentages, or proportions of Gross State Product, so that comparisons can be made using equivalent measures.

This publication is the fifth of this type produced by the Parliamentary Library and it is expected that it will continue to be updated and published annually. This publication is a companion to the Monthly statistical bulletin which contains Australia-wide data only, but on a more frequent and up to date basis.

A glossary of social, demographic and economic terms used in the tables is provided at the end of this publication.

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