The state of the climate in the Pacific 2020

Te mana o te moana
Climate risk Climate change Pacific Island economies Environmental impacts Pacific people Pacific Area

This report explores how climate change has impacted Pacific Island Countries; who is responsible; and what is needed to ensure that the people of the Pacific emerge stronger from the climate crisis.


It is not too late for the Pacific to recover in the face of global heating, and to prosper for generations to come. For this vision to move from ambition to reality requires first recognising the uniquely critical danger that Pacific Island Countries find themselves in. It requires acknowledging that global emissions are unjustly shared, with the Pacific’s people being the least responsible for the current climate crisis, and especially compared to the world’s biggest 15 emitters. It demands that the world’s biggest polluters therefore accept that they bear the greatest responsibility to change course and agree to rapidly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through increased commitments, backed by concrete policies to achieve them. And it requires unprecedented global cooperation to ensure this takes place.

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