The future of vulnerability: humanity in the digital age

Ensuring data and technology benefit people and society
Data collection Data protection Digital disruption Online privacy Civil rights Disruptive technologies Information resources management

This report explores how data and technology are shaping the future of vulnerability, particularly through new and evolving forms of inequality, intrusion and insecurity.

The report establishes the urgency to change the status quo and summarises a growing agenda for change across research, policy and practice towards responsible, inclusive and ethical uses of data and technology. Through six case studies the report shows examples of emerging good practice where tools are being used to support dignity, safety and trust for vulnerable groups. Finally, it highlights why civil society-led initiatives have a vital role to play as brokers and translators across sectors and disciplines and from communities to technologists, researchers and regulators. 

The report is intended as a resource for humanitarians, technologists and leaders across sectors and community to explore the complexities at the intersection of humanitarian action and technology and develop and promote ‘humanity first’ approaches to data and technology.

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