Germany: national involvement in the Indian Ocean Region

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The transformation of global politics since the 9/11 attacks on the United States has significantly influenced the course of Germany's foreign policy framework over the past decade.

Germany’s rising economic strength and political influence has resulted in a shift of expectations, with both Berlin and foreign governments increasingly keen to see Germany take on greater international burdens and become more involved outside Europe. Political engagement, economic and security interests, conflict resolution and human rights are common themes underlying much of Germany’s involvement in the Indian Ocean region.

Key points:

  • Berlin is active in promoting social, political and economic engagement in a region of declining European influence and is anxious to secure access to resources as China and India become more engaged in the region.
  • Germany seeks to promote a “value-driven foreign policy” in the region, championing conflict resolution, democracy and human welfare.
  • While officially supporting non-proliferation and disarmament, Germany is also encouraging its booming arms export industry. The weapons could potentially be a destabilising factor in the region.
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